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forward acting composite rupture disc(lf series)


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forward acting composite rupture disc with fragment resistant design



operation ratio: 80%

vacuum support required:yes

suitable for gas or liquid service

standard holder: lja

forward acting composite rupture disc(lf series)

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the concave of forward acting rupture disc is on the high pressure process side. lf rupture disc consists of three parts: slotted burst cap,sealing film and back pressure support.

note: types and specifications of safety devices need to be calculated and selected according to the specific working conditions of the protected equipment and systems before quotations. 

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technical features:

• forward acting composite rupture disc

• state-of-the-art laser slotted metal section

• operating ratios up to 80% of the low end of burst tolerance

• fragment resistant design

• standard material:ss/fep/ss. other seal materials are available

• suitable for liquid, gas, or two-phase applications

• sizes from 15mm to 1100mm

• burst ratings from 0.02barg to 2000 barg

• attached 3-dimensional stainless steel tag is engraved with complete disc specification

working principle

lf series discs mount with the concave surface facing the process media. the laser cut determines the burst rating of the disc.when the lf series disc ruptures,it opens along the predetermined pattern and folds back against the holder.



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