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5100 end-of-line pressure vacuum relief valve


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basco  pressure vacuum relief valve 5100 type

dual guide system (patent no.zl 2019 2 0932260.0)provides for smoother valve stroke, less flutter and valve wear. 

10% overpressure to reach full lift. 

the optimum sealing structure is far superior to api2000 and other standards.after relieving the pressure and vacuum buildup, the valve re-seats and provides a tight seal.

5100 end-of-line pressure vacuum relief valve

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the model 5100 end-of-line pressure vacuum relief valve maintains a tight seal until system pressure or vacuum exceeds the set pressure of the valve. when over pressure occurs, the weighted pallet lifts, breaking the seal between the seat and pallet, allowing vapors to pass through the valve orifice and relieving the pressure or vacuum buildup. the valve reseals upon relief and remains sealed.

note: types and specifications of safety devices need to be calculated and selected according to the specific working conditions of the protected equipments and systems before quotations. 

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· dual guide system provides for smoother valve stroke, less flutter and valve wear. 

· for the allowable leakage (leakage is much less than api2000 standard), it exceeds the most stringent standard and ensures a very high setting accuracy (±3%) 

· 10% overpressure to full lift. 

· in-situ replacement for valve pallet and seat assembly 

· available in ansi, din and hg/t20592~20635-2009 flanges


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