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5500 pilot operated pressure relief valve


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the advanced design ensures tightness during normal operating conditions for even the most demanding high-pressure applications.

full lift at set pressure meets required venting capacity.

minimize voc and odorous emissions;

temperature range  -180 ℃ to 206 ℃. ;

5500 pilot operated pressure relief valve

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basco high-performance 5500 pilot operated valve adopts the advanced technology and provides protection against overpressure. operating pressure can be set close to the maximum allowable working pressure,which can greatly reduce evaporation and total release volume, thereby reducing product loss and disposal emissions costs.

note: types and specifications of safety devices need to be calculated and selected according to the specific working conditions of the protected equipments and systems before quotations. 

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working principle 

the function of pilot valve (a) is to control the pressure of main valve or the upper dome cap of main valve.when the tank pressure reaches the set pressure, the upward force acting on the control valve's induction partition overcomes the downward spring force .

this slip results in (b) a reduction in pressure on the top of the dome cap. thus,the valve opens to relieve overpressure. 

the main valve remains open (or flowing) as long as the pressure of the storage tank is higher than the set pressure of the control valve. when the tank pressure drops to the reset pressure of the control valve, the control valve closes and allows the vapor in tank to flow back to the dome cap (b).as the pressure on the upper bowler rises, the support plate assembly will reseat to the valve seat. 


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