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explosion isolation valve


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explosion isolation valve can effectively prevent the spread of explosion, protect adjacent equipment or workshop and avoid secondary explosions or multiple explosions.

explosion isolation valve

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in reality, many containers are connected together, such as dust collectors and pipes, silos and pipes. once a certain equipment explodes, the flame and air pressure will spread to other equipment along with the pipes, resulting in secondary explosion or multiple explosions of the equipment. adding explosion isolation valves can effectively prevent explosion propagation, protect adjacent equipment or workshops, and avoid secondary explosions or multiple explosions.

note: types and specifications of safety devices need to be calculated and selected according to the specific working conditions of the protected equipments and systems before quotations. 

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working principle

in the event of a dust explosion, the shock wave is at the front of the flame. the explosion isolation valve will be quickly closed by the shock wave, and self-locked, to avoid the valve disc opening, and prevent the spread of flame and pressure waves. after the explosion, it can be used by manual reset, simple maintenance and evaluation. during normal operation, the disc is opened by the auxiliary opening device. 

technical features

material: carbon steel housing, stainless steel disc 

reasonable mechanism design, smaller pressure loss 

in-situ maintenance without needing to remove the pipeline 

horizontal installation 

disc normally open construction 

bursting sensor device is optional, to detect whether the disc is closed. 


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