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reversing explosion valve


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reversing explosion valve

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product overview:

reversing release valve:

dust or flammable and explosive gas transmission pipeline installation after reversing explosion venting valve, by reversing the explosion venting valve, medium circulation by 180 ° in the direction commutation.

when explosion occurs in the equipment, the combustion explosion propagates to the reversing explosion relief valve. firstly, the pressure wave in the front of the flame instantly opens the dust special bursting disc mounted on the top, so that the pressure in the pipe can be released into the atmosphere freely.

flame will smooth along the existing channel transmission, rather than reversing 180 ° propagation, so that the flame release and diminished.

reversing relief valves are usually installed on the main road between the two devices or on a pipe connecting one end of the device to the source of the explosion. reverse relief valve provides two-way protection, medium flow and reverse.

technical features:

passive explosion isolation, no spark (flame) detector and controller.

prevent pressure buildup and flame spread.

the reversing vent valve is equipped with professional dust vent disc, which has various specifications. the bursting disc without metal fragment design can prevent the secondary damage of the fragments after blasting.

long distance blasting sensor, providing the indication of the bursting disc after blasting, ex certification for explosion proof. connection flange can be customized.

reversing release valve can provide thermal insulation measures.


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