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introduction to bursting disc
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bursting disc it can be set in the temperature and pressure blasting, pressure relief.

the bursting disc device consists of a bursting disc and a holder. the bursting disc is the element for blasting pressure relief under the calibrated blasting pressure and temperature, and the clamping device is the auxiliary element for fitting the clamping bursting disc in the appropriate part of the container.

bursting disc safety device has the advantages of simple structure, sensitive, accurate, no leakage, strong ability of discharge and so on. it can work reliably in viscous, high temperature, low temperature and corrosive environment, and is an ideal safety device for ultra-high pressure vessels.

bursting disc is an important safety device to prevent overpressure damage of pressure equipment. it is widely used in chemical industry, petroleum, light industry, metallurgy, nuclear power, dust removal, fire protection, aviation and other industrial departments.

latest national standard: gb 567-2012 safety device for bursting disc

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