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graphite rupture disc (pm series)


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graphite structure,corrosion resistant 



operation ratio: 80%

back pressure support required:yes

suitable for gas or liquid service

graphite rupture disc (pm series)

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graphite rupture discs are made of resin-impregnated graphite for use in highly corrosive processes.

note: types and specifications of safety devices need to be calculated and selected according to the specific working conditions of the protected equipments and systems before quotations. 

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technical features:

• size from 1" to 24"

• burst rating from 0.01to 10.3 barg

• non-asbestos rubber gasket

• suitable for liquid, gas, or two-phase applications

• withstand high temperature up to 371 ℃ without heat insulation layer

• operating ratios up to 80% of the low end of burst tolerance 

• standard manufacturing range:0%


graphite rupture discs are mounted directly between standard flanges, requiring no holders.

flow arrows are pointing in the correct direction. 

the housing provides additional protection against external stress due to pipe dislocation. 

housing with selected diameter and burst pressure is necessary in fire and toxic environments.

the spacer ring is non-metallic and relatively soft. 

when connecting flanges, ensure correct operation : 

 • concentric alignment of bursting disc and gasket 

 • evenly cross tighten flange bolts 

 • adequate piping support to withstand external loads and thrust during blowdown 

 • protect personnel and equipment from high speed discharge of process materials and fragments of discs


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