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the blast at a chemical plant in yancheng, jiangsu province
release time:2019-04-22      hit count:2803

[abstract] at about 14:48 on march 21, an explosion occurred at tianjiayi chemical co., ltd., an ecological chemical park in xiangshui county, yancheng city, jiangsu province. as of 3 am today, the fire at the chemical plant in yancheng, jiangsu province has been contained.

according to the official weibo account of the national health and reform commission, the national health and reform commission attached great importance to the accident and sent a team of 11 medical experts from the first national health emergency team (jiangsu) to the site on the evening of june 21 to carry out medical rescue work.

the second group of experts in critical care medicine, burns and neurosurgery from ruijin hospital affiliated to shanghai jiaotong university school of medicine and 5 experts in psychological intervention from beijing anding hospital affiliated to capital medical university formed the national medical and mental health emergency expert group, and rushed to the local rescue on the evening of june 21.

at present, the on-site rescue is still ongoing, the medical and health departments are doing their best to treat the injured, the cause of the accident is under investigation. further information will be released in due course.

some children were injured in a kindergarten about 1 km from the blast at the chemical plant in jiangsu province.

according to the information learned by the reporter, there are many residential areas and schools near the explosion area, one of the kindergartens is only 1.1 kilometers away from the scene of the incident as the direct line, the explosion has caused some children injured, the local medical institutions are working to treat the injured.

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